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  • Two Parts Epoxy Resin AB Glue

    Product description: Epoxy resin ab glue is kind of double components adhesive produced under the new environmental technology and exquisite craft, with the characteristcs of low odour, environmental, non-toxic and good insulation, resistance of oil, water, acid and alkali,...
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  • Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesive Super Glue

    Specification: Product name:Cyanocrylate Instant Adhesive Super Glue Model:401,403,406,454,460,495,496,etc. Weight:20g Viscosity:60/40,000mPa.s Curing time:3/10 sec. Service temperature range: -40 to + 80°C Application:used for bonding porous,acidity and absorbency materials....
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  • Injection Epoxy Anchors for Concrete

    Specification: Product name:epoxy anchor Appearance:smooth paste Application:for construction sealing Type:two components Mix ratio:3:1 Color:grey Packing:360ml Shelf life:18 months
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  • Epoxy Fast Metal Epoxy Putty Steel

    Specification: Product name:Epoxy fast steel Color:grey Main material:epoxy Surface dry:5minutes Water-resistant::set in 5 minutes Sample:available OEM:accepted Packing:114g Shelf life:12 months Product description: Automotive Epoxy Putty is a fast setting, industrial...
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  • Waterproof Epoxy Tile Grout for Filling Ceramic Joints

    Specification: Product name:epoxy tile grout,Ceramic Tile Sealer Main materials:epoxy resin Mix ration:1:1 Color:more than 20 types OEM:accepted Packing:400ml Product description: Epoxy tile grout is a double-component epoxy adhesive for ceramic tile gap filling, mainly use...
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  • Epoxy Putty Metal Repair

    Specification: Product name:epoxy metal repair Type:two parts Mix ration:4:1 Model:iron,steel,aluminium,copper Application:fast fix Packing:500g/set Shelf life:12 months Product description: Epoxy metal putty is the original metal-filled epoxy putty used for hundreds of...
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  • Anaerobic Retaining Compound Adhesive

    Specification: Product name:Anaerobic retaining compound adhesive Model:601,603,620,638,641,660,680,etc. Color:Green,yellow,grey Viscosity:100/12,000 mPa.s Maximum filling gap:0.1/0.4 mm Shear strength:940/3600 psi Primary curing time:5minutes/1 hour Full curing time:24 hours...
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  • RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

    Specification : Product name:RTV gasket maker Packing:85g,280ml,310ml Color:transparent,black,grey,red,blue Temperature range: -65°F to 500°F (-54°C to 260°C) Product description: Gasket makers offer significant performance advantages which include outstanding oil resistance,...
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  • 326 Structural Adhesive Fast Handling Magnet Bonding

    Product description: Typical applications for 326 include bonding ferrite magnets to plated materials in electric motors, loudspeaker hardware and jewellery where fast fixing is required. Product features: · Product for magnet bonding · Medium viscosity (thixotropic) · Good...
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  • Anaerobic Adhesive Thread Locker Sealant

    Specification: Product name:Anaerobic thread sealant Model:222,242,243,262,271,272,277,290 Volume:50ml Color:purple,blue,red,green Viscosity:1,200/8,000 mPa.s Temperature range:-54/230°C Full curing time:24 hours Shelf life:3 years Recommended accelerator :7649/7471 Product...
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  • Anaerobic Adhesive Plumbing Thread Sealants

    Thread sealants are single component adhesives applied to fastener threads. Thread lockers are applied to the threads of screws, bolts, and other fasteners to prevent loosening, leakage, and corrosion. Fastener failure tends to occur for one of two reasons: · Tension...
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